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Book Cover - Principia Industria

This is a book cover I created for a good friend, Cademon Jamonsta. Cademon created this book after taking a philosophy class where students were asked to create their own religion. Cademon got really into it, and created this sacred text for his invented religion Machinism

For this project I started with a few moodboards of visual directions to take a book cover in and the author was most intrigued with possibilities around photo-surrealism. During our conversation about the marketing of the book he revealed that he didn’t want to have his name on the cover, in order give the feeling that the book was mysterious and self-perpetuating. I sketched some interesting concepts involving string-games but we settled on this meta idea of the book itself being on the book cover, again referencing this self-perpetuating concept of the book. 

Principia Industria can be ordered online here


Digital Mockup of the final Book

FLattened Layout

FLattened Layout

Motion Graphic Promo