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Hoffman Academy

This week I finished working on my Associates of Applied Science of MultiMedia at PCC. Not an amazing degree degree program by any means but I have learned so much and gained so many new friends. I am happy it's over though, as I have a lot of video editing to catch up on, I have some weddings for ANTLER Film & Video and to edit yet, but also keeping with a steady supply of videos from the Hoffman Academy. 

Which brings me to the point of this post: Hoffman Academy, my steadiest private client to date, has officially launched the unit of piano lessons that I have personally worked on. It's been a steep learning curve and we are starting to churn these out pretty quickly. I am sharing my favorite video we have made so far though, a Bonus Lesson on how to play the Imperial March. There a few split screen effects going on here, and I enjoyed making the graphics for the titles as well. Enjoy! I hope to have more to share soon.