Hoffman Academy Reel

The Hoffman Academy is an online piano school based out of Portland, OR. While the school has about 15 music teachers, the owner Joseph Hoffman also uses his methods to teach online with recorded piano video lessons. Geared towards younger and beginning piano students, the 120+ video lessons are all free to watch, the only expense are the downloadable paper materials. This reel was edited to show the many ways that the Hoffman Academy uses video and graphics to teach piano; including history, games, skits and music reading. In addition to these online lessons, I am also the videographer for blog posts, performances and music videos at the physical academy as well.

Eve Song - Trailer

Eve Song is a 30 minute modern opera written from the point of view of Eve after awakening in the garden of Eden. This interpretation splits the lyrics in two, giving half of the role to Eve’s predecessor, Lilith. Final editing is underway, coming son.


Edward Muybridge was a pioneer in the photographic arts. This is a personal motion-graphics project I created using archival scans from the Library of Congress to help tell the story of how his creation, the zoopraxiscope, inspired the first motion picture cameras. Voice over by me as well.

North West Power Pool - Motion Reel

Northwest Power Pool is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide resources and continuing education for the Electic companies based in the Northwestern United States. I had the pleasure of joining the in-house team at NWPP for 6 months to help create and launch their online learning system. This video montage features animations from the educational videos completely designed by me. I also created about half of the graphic assets and contributed to capturing the live video footage.

Tip Hero - Baked Spaghetti

This is one of the most popular videos out of over 200 short-form recipe videos I created for lifestyle blog Tip Hero’s facebook page. Besides pioneering and refining the format I created one of their breakout hits at the beginning of this trend, the famously viral Apple Rose video.

Wild Planet Radio (LGBTQ Station) Promo Video

Promotional video shot at the Q-center about the resident LGBTQ radio station Wild Planet Radio. This video was created primarily for fundraising use but also designed to be featured on the station’s website.

Butoh AdLib at Headwaters Theater

Live performance recorded of improvised Butoh night with out of town guests at the Headwaters Theater in Portland, OR. Edited into short promotional event video for social media.

Wendy & Jason - Wedding Highlights

Wendy and Jason are close friends of mine and so my wedding gift for them was to create this special wedding video for them.


Personal Project. The Morrison bridge is my bridge, I have walked, biked, bussed and driven over this bridge more than any other in the world. When the Carnival is in town I especially love walking right up alongside the big wheel on a warm summer night.