Tin Woods - Test footage

First test animation for our stop motion film The Tin Woods. Puppet design by Mattzilla Duron.


Short film I created using only archival footage and scans about Edward Muybridge.


Social Media Promotional clip for local production of Eugene Ionesco’s play Rhinoceros.

Principia Industria Promo

Social media clip for a book design I created. Inspired by the Droste Effect.

Mograph - Earth Zoom

Using Hi-res Google Earth Images at different scales I was able to stitch together this synthetic camera zoom from outer space to street level.

Gustave Caillebotte

Hi-res paintings by Caillebotte are taken apart and projected into 3-d space.

House of Cards

Not the show, an actual house of cards, but not actual, just two dimensional graphics. Explorations of shallow depth of field and complex compositions.

Cloud City

Exploratory animation featuring two dimensional graphics assembled into a three-dimensional space.

Dynamic Lyrics

Exploration of type in a three dimensional space.