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What we want vrs. what we need vrs. what they think we want

There's a camera in there somewhere...   

There's a camera in there somewhere...



When I first stareted video production the best thing, and only way to prove you knew anything about video cameras, was to have a 3-sensor camera. Back then, sensors were not terribly large or sensitive to very many colors at once. By filtering the light through a prism and using three separate sensors calibrated to capture different parts of the spectrum; red green and blue, the camcorder was able to get better performance with less light. There were even a few camcorders that had a fourth sensor for blue-green light, just to be extra careful.  

Then HD was created. You weren't anybody if you weren't shooting in HD. This development took a few years, as computers weren't really able to process the footage. HDV was created as an intermediary.  

Then someone discovered that digital Photography technology had finally caught up to Prosumer camcorders, and the whole DSLR shooting era began. Shooting with lenses now opened up a whole new product market, and now with rigs and mounts you can have everything your DSLR needs to shoot like a camcorder for twice the price. 

It's funny how we get so gear obsessed sometimes, we don't even focus on creating content anymore. I have seen firsthand how an excited amateur with a big budget get so excited that they buy pretty useless equipment. I'll even admit to buying a few pieces that I didn't really need. But hey, when I go to shoot that film I'll have a focus puller!

In the last couple of years having a full frame sensor has been the top selling feature. Now 4K will supplant all of our current models, and whispers of 8K are circulating.

This clever little video features a couple who are enamoured with their new video camera. It's got all they features the designers think they want.