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Mograph Sketch Book #002

I have already started to slip with these sketchbook type posts, but there is a good reason for that I swear! The good new is that I have landed a steady client producing educational videos for a piano lessons website, the bad news is that it leave me a little less time for noodling around on my own stuff. With Weddings to edit still and my final term of school I don't think I'll be able to commit to this, hover, my new client is giving me time to play around so we can get stuff looking it's best. While I am not ready to share what we have been doing at the Hoffman Academy yet (there are still some big shoots planned) here is a little bit of the kinds of problems I am looking to solve. 

In this video I am trying out different concepts for how to allow children to follow along on paper with what is going on in the video. These don't quite work but I have some more tricks up my sleeve I am going to try out this week while my new client is out on vacation. I'll check back in then!